Sushiswap’s launchpad offering — MISO

MISO is a launchpad platform by the same team as the Sushiswap decentralized exchange.

Benefits of MISO

MISO was built to make it easy for teams (technical and non-technical alike) to quickly launch their project. As part of a project launch, there are some key launch procedures that need to be accomplished. These include:

  1. Token launch
  2. Initial liquidity for the token
  3. Farms for the token
  4. Marketing
  5. Increase awareness

MISO has built templates dubbed “Recipes” that makes it as easy as following a wizard to setup all these options. These “Recipes” are a set of open-source and audited smart contracts that allow even a non-technical creators to quickly bootstrap their project. More importantly, these allow creators to focus on building their product and relying on Sushiswap for the technology.

An example of MISO is the ability to setup token IDO models from one of the following without having to write contracts:

  1. Crowd sale
  2. Dutch sale
  3. Batch sale

MISO lowest the barrier of entry for creators to launch a project.

Benefits for Sushiswap

Sushiswap benefits because they are able to attract more liquidity to their suite of services including DEX, Lending, Borrowing etc. This accrues value to Sushiswap’s flywheel as more liquidity depeens the pools which in turn attracts more swap volume which in turn attracts more projects to start their journey on Sushiswap.

MISO differentiators

MISO is trying to differentiates from other launchpads by recently launching a permissionless launch model. This opens up the token auction process to any creators without having to go through a lengthy onboarding process with the launchpad. Working with the launchpad is currently the norm in the industry and requires extensive co-ordination on all aspects of a launch.

Furthermore, the launch process requires the project team to setup their own contracts and launch mechanisms. MISO’s “Recipes” were already offering differentiation in that aspect of launch.


Sushiswap has recently gone through a lot of turbulence with the last 6-months being the hardest so far in the team’s journey. Within this turmoil, it’s good to see the team still innovating. MISO represents an important offering that should appeal to every Web3 creator out there.

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Product builder by day. On-chain crypto analyst by night.

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Product builder by day. On-chain crypto analyst by night.

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