[Flipside] 175. Scanner Sweep

2 min readApr 6, 2022


In this analysis, I’m going to review the following dashboard:

Let’s dive in

Terra Blockchain Dashboard

Kakamora as always makes great use of colors which you notice as soon as you land on this dashboard. On the front page of this dashboard, there are some key metrics that give an overview of the state of Terra. These are:

  1. Total TVL
  2. UST trading volume on Ethereum which shows off UST adoption in a multi-chain world

The TVL by protocol charts are a nice addition that shows that there is more to Terra than just Anchor Protocol.

The next most interesting chart is this one comparing the UST trading volume on Ethereum to other stablecoins. If UST is going to become “THE” stablecoin of all DeFi, then it needs to start by leading the pack on Ethereum and it seems like in March it has overtaken DAI.

However, it still has a long way to go against USDC and USDT.


This dashboard provides metrics on various other parts of Terra (see below) but the above charts are the most key metrics that highlight UST adoption and the state of the ecosystem.





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